Meet Jackie and Charlotte

Jackie and Charlotte.

Stampin Stitchin began in 2017 as a hobby. A way for a mom of four to have time for herself. 

Jackie was homeschooling 3 out of her 4 children, her house wasn’t in constant renovation mode anymore (after over 12 years!) and her babies were getting more independent. She knew she needed something that she just enjoyed doing, just for herself. She had dabbled with Etsy years ago sewing diaper bags, but having four little ones and trying to sew with babies on her lap proved difficult. Fast forward a few years, and she ordered some stamps, the cheapest metal she could find and tried for weeks to create something that was readable.

After weeks of practice she finally had a few pieces that were good enough for a "rustic look", so she uploaded them to Etsy. Within a month and a half of starting on Etsy, Stampin Stitchin had a request for 120 pieces. We've learned the hard way and it took nearly 2 weeks to complete that order. The first holiday rush and vendor shows came and showed how unprepared we were and how much we had to learn.

Over the past 6 years, from the very beginning, Jackie has had the pleasure to work alongside her mom, Charlotte. She has sacrificed countless hours to help build this business, offered critiques and suggestions, and encouraged Jackie to keep going but never sacrifice family for the business. Charlotte has attended just about every vendor show we've ever done and was the face you would see when you saw us at shows while Jackie was stamping on site. Stampin Stitchin wouldn’t be here without her. The business wouldn’t be the same without her. Your pieces wouldn’t be so expertly polished and packaged without her.

While Jackie is still the stamper, designer, bookkeeper, and provides the direction, Charlotte does just about everything else. Filling and polishing; packaging every piece; shipping. It truly takes a team behind every small business. And we're blessed that this one includes Jackie's mom, Charlotte.