Meet the Maker


Hi there. I'm Jackie. I'm the face behind everything you see. I'm the maker, the shipper, the bookkeeper, and the designer.

What started as something for me, a wife and mother of four, to have time to myself and a creative outlet, has turned into something so much bigger and inspiring than I could have imagined. It's become my passion, a way to encourage, uplift, inspire and empower others through words. 

Meet my family. They are my driving force, what keeps me going, and the why behind the business. 

I love getting to show my children the value of hard work along with teaching them necessary skills that will help them as they learn and grow. They love helping when they can and love seeing the new products and designs. Every day is a new adventure with all the unique personalities. 

Meet my husband. He is my biggest fan and best critic. We have been married for over 13 years and have worked together for 12 of them to renovate a 1804 house that we have made our home. Without his support and love, none of this would be possible. 

 I have been blessed to be able to make so many unique, keepsake pieces for so many special customers. This journey is just beginning.