The Process of Creating

 It all starts with a blank slate, a piece of metal waiting for a design.  

 Each piece is designed by me. The fonts and design stamps used are chosen carefully to compliment the overall design and theme.

 The design is then stamped out one letter and one design at time.  Many times, flowers and leaves are separate stamps that must be stamped in such a way to create floral accents. Over one hundred different design stamps are available to add a custom and personal touch to make that special piece come together and truly unique.  
The impressions are then darkened before the whole piece is given our signature brushed finish. 
 Bracelets are then shaped. Necklaces are finished and attached to the chain.
Every piece then is packaged in a crystal clear bag with a card. 
And the whole piece is packaged in a Kraft gift box...
 ...ready for gift giving.