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Stampin_Stitchin 2019

Dad-Always in My Heart Necklace

Dad-Always in My Heart Necklace

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A memorial necklace for Dad.

This charm measures 1” round and has been hand stamped with the phrase “Dad...forever in my heart”.

Hand stamping is a unique process in which each letter has been stamped one letter at a time by me, not a machine. Some impressions might be slightly darker or may not line up perfectly. This adds to the uniqueness of your piece.

After the impression is made I then darken and give the whole piece a brushed finish.

This charm is made from aluminum. Aluminum is hypoallergenic and will not tarnish. The brushed finish can always be brought back by using 0000 steel wool to gently polish the charm.

The charm is then hung on an 18” stainless steel chain.

This piece comes wrapped in a kraft gift box ready for gift giving.

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