Customized Copper or Brass Bracelet--Rose gold bracelet--personalized bracelet--design your own bracelet--custom saying--mantra bracelet

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Design your own cuff bracelet!

Choose the font, as well as any design stamps you would like.

Choose either copper or brass material.

Both will darken and develop a natural patina over time, but a polishing cloth is included with each bracelet to keep it shiny.

Each bracelet is hand stamped by me, not a machine. I stamp one letter at a time therefore one impression might be slightly darker than the next, but I aim for perfection in every piece.

After stamping I then darken the letters, and then give the whole piece a shiny finish.

Most bracelets in shop can be made in the copper or brass.

Each piece comes wrapped in a kraft gift box ready for gift giving.

The copper and brass can cause your skin to turn green. This is a natural reaction from the chemicals in your skin to the metal. It is not harmful. Clear nail polish coating the underside can help with this reaction and become a barrier between your skin and the metal.