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Customized Layering Cuff Bracelet

Customized Layering Cuff Bracelet

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These gorgeous, shiny bracelets are perfect for wearing one at a time for a classy minimalist look or wear multiple for a layered dose of encouragement.  


Made from your choice of metal, these bracelets come shiny. The bracelet is hand stamped.


Hand stamping is a unique process in which each letter is stamped one at a time by me, not a machine. Some variations can occur, but I do aim for perfection. 


A little about the metals: 


Aluminum is a lightweight, hypoallergenic material that will not tarnish. Aluminum is easy to adjust but will not lose its shape if worn properly. 


Copper and brass will both develop a natural patina over time. To keep them shiny, a polishing cloth is included. You can slow the process of them darkening by keeping them stored out of the air when not being worn. The polishing cloth will make them shiny again.


Stainless steel is a heavier material that does not have as much flexibility to it. They take more force to adjust than the other metals, but they keep their shape with no effort at all. 


To wear: 


Open the cuff bracelet slightly so that you are able to put it on sideways over your wrist. It is not meant to be put on from the top. Doing so can make your bracelet lose its shape and over extend the metal. Bending the bracelets too much, can result in the metal becoming weak. After the initial fit, you will not need to keep adjusting your bracelet. They are meant to be worn looser like a bangle. 


Each piece comes individually wrapped in a kraft gift box ready for gift giving.

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