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Stampin_Stitchin 2019

Make today Magical--Unicorn Gift--Unicorn Jewelry

Make today Magical--Unicorn Gift--Unicorn Jewelry

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Bracelet width

Make today Magical.

This bracelet will be hand stamped as shown.

Available in 3/8” and 1/2” widths.

Made from lightweight aluminum which will not tarnish or turn your skin green. It is a hypo allergenic material.

This piece comes wrapped in a kraft gift box ready for gift giving.

Hand stamping is a unique process in which each letter has been stamped by me one letter at a time. Some impressions might be slightly deeper or not quite lined up, but I aim for perfection in every piece.

Custom orders and sayings welcome!

To wear:

Slide sideways over the thinnest part of your arm, and turn so the opening is at the bottom of your wrist. While these will bend to fit a variety of wrists, once it is the correct size, it shouldn’t need adjusted to be taken off and on.

Removing your jewelry before using soaps and cleaning products is recommended to extend the life of, and keep your jewelry looking new.

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